Classroom Guardian - The Strong and Secure Classroom Door Security Device
Classroom Guardian Door Security

The Classroom Guardian School Door Security device is FAST to engage, Auto-Locks with our Drop and Lock design, and is STRONG and SECURE!

School shooting tragedies are happening all over the Country. Being in the School Security market for over 15 years, we had to do something to help protect our students and our own kids. Existing devices are inadequate in many ways. We spent 3 years working with School Administrators, Security Directors, Teachers and Design Engineers to develop a door barricade product that is the Fastest, Strongest and Safest door barricade product on the market.

The Classroom Guardian Door Security device was designed to help keep Students and Teachers SAFE and to help keep Intruders or Active Shooters out of the classroom.

Classroom Guardian Door Barricade

No other product compares to the Classroom Guardian Door Security device

The Classroom Guardian Door Security device is the only door barricade device on the market that has these features:

  • Engages with classroom door closed. Does not require opening your classroom door to deploy the Classroom Guardian.
  • Spans door frame to door frame. Does not rely on existing door hardware such as the door handle or the hydraulic assist as these devices can easily fail.
  • Attaches to the door. Does not require you drill a hole in your floor which can disturb asbestos and fill with debris, rendering your device useless.
  • Drop and Lock design. Does not require the insertion of a separate piece of hardware such as a pin to stay locked.
  • ADA Compliant Height. Does not require mounting at top or bottom of door, which is not ADA compliant.
  • Can securely disengage from hallway. First responders can quickly and securely gain access to the classroom.
  • Engages quickly in a high stress situation. Having to insert small pins or rods into a hole can be very difficult.

    Classroom Guardian Door Barricade

    Patent Pending, FAST to engage, Auto-Locking, STRONG and SECURE!

    Installation of the Classroom Guardian is quick and simple. Mounts in ADA Compliant height range. Engages and disengages quickly and easily. No need to get down on the floor or bend over to insert rods or pins into small holes in the device or in the floor. Rods or pins can also be easily lost. Door jam to door jam spanning makes it the strongest device on the market. Auto-Locking mechanism for peace of mind.

    School Gate Guardian's Classroom Guardian - the Strong and Secure Classroom Door Security device!
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