School Safety Funding

Enhancing School Safety and Preparedness

There are multiple funding options available to schools to help address their safety needs. These include federal and state government sources, nonprofit organizations, and charity divisions of major companies.

Explore these opportunities and secure the support your school needs for a safer environment.

Federal Government Grants

ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund)

Created as part of the CARES Act, ESSER provides financial assistance to states and districts to tackle COVID-19-related challenges in education. This fund can be instrumental in implementing safety measures, such as enhancing sanitization protocols and purchasing necessary personal protective equipment. Learn More

EANS (Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools)

EANS allocates aid to non-public schools to ensure that quality education continues during emergencies. This assistance can help schools upgrade their safety equipment and infrastructures to better protect students and staff. Learn More

COPS SVPP (Community Oriented Policing Services School Violence Prevention Program)

The COPS SVPP aims to improve school security by promoting evidence-based safety programs. The grant can be used to fund initiatives focused on reducing violence and enhancing student safety. Learn More

BJA STOP (Bureau of Justice Assistance STOP School Violence Program)

BJA STOP provides resources to reinforce school security infrastructure and develop violence prevention education, training, and technology. This program can be a valuable asset in building a safe and secure learning environment. Learn More

Non-Profit & Charitable Grants

Several nonprofit organizations and major corporations offer school safety grants to support initiatives in schools. Here are some notable examples:

  • Walmart supports community strengthening efforts and provides school safety grants.
  • Target empowers schools and communities, by offering school and public safety grants.
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is predominantly dedicated to global health and poverty alleviation but has also supported domestic school safety funding in previous endeavors.
  • The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation is committed to enhancing school safety, this foundation provides grants for school safety improvements and anti-violence initiatives.

Securing these grants can significantly contribute to the safety of your school community. At School Gate Guardian, we're committed to assisting schools in creating a secure, worry-free environment where students can thrive.