Enhancing School Safety and Preparedness

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Creating a safe and supportive learning environment is a top priority for schools and districts nationwide. That's why we're excited to share a valuable resource provided by the federal government -

Launched in 2020, is a comprehensive platform that features practical recommendations and valuable resources to bolster school safety and preparedness. Equipped with a wide range of tools, information, and resources, this platform empowers schools and districts to prioritize the well-being and security of their students.

Discover Important Educational Topics provides many valuable resources on important topics including bullying, cyberbullying, child exploitation, cybersecurity, emergency planning, infectious diseases, mental health, school climate, targeted violence, and threat assessment and reporting.

Empowering Schools with Essential Resources

Some of the resources that can be found on the site include the Grants Finder Tool, Safety Readiness Tool, Find School Safety Resources, and State Search Tool, all great tools to help schools get started.

Stay Informed and Connected

The Events and Communications Center keeps schools updated on upcoming opportunities and relevant news. Additionally, it promotes the importance of online safety education, providing resources to ensure a safer online experience for students and their families.

Partnering for Prevention and Security

In addition to providing valuable resources and tools, emphasizes the Department of Homeland Security's commitment to preventing targeted violence and terrorism through grant programs and partnerships.

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Let's join hands to build a safer future for our schools!