The All-In-One Solution

The School Gate Guardian Self Service Kiosk is an all-in-one solution that has the same great features as our Pro version but it allows visitors to easily scan themselves in and out. It can be configured to allow Students to check in and out as well.

The Kiosk is usually installed in a secured vestibule area, but can also reside in a hallway or main office. We can have it built into new construction or as part of a remodel. Also comes with School Gate Guardian Pro, which is installed on another computer to manage kiosk exceptions, assign key tags and other important functions.

Self Service Check In for Visitors, Volunteers, Faculty/Staff, Students and more! On-screen Multilingual options. Event Check In, fast Check Out, Privacy Policy, Approved Pickups, RFID capable, Offender and Unwanted Visitor checks, and much more.

Automatic Student and Approved Pickup data import from your Student Information System (SIS). FREE Web-Based reporting allows reports to be accessed securely from any computer.


Kiosk Components:

  • Free Standing Secured Cabinet
  • CPU
  • Touchscreen
  • Front-Firing Speakers
  • USB Hub
  • Power Strip w/ 8ft Cord
  • Cooling Fans

Package Includes:

  • Duplex Photo ID Scanner
  • 2 - Thermal Printers
  • 2 - Barcode Scanners
  • 2 - Web Cameras
  • Key Tags (1 Sheet)

Features Include:

  • Self-Service Check In/Out
  • Tardy/Early Dismissal
  • Approved Pickups
  • Multilingual
  • RSVP Events
  • Privacy Policy
  • RFID Capable



Photo IDs & Licenses



w/ RFID Reader



Visitor ID Badges



Volunteers & Staff


How Our System Protects Your School

The School Gate Guardian Difference



The School Gate Guardian software quickly scans and processes your visitors state issued ID. Our software date and time stamps every visit. The system archives all the details of the visit, including date and time, photograph of the visitor, who they are there to see, and what their destination is in the school.

If the image that is retrieved from the state issued photo ID does not clearly represent the current appearance of your visitor a Webcam can be used to quickly capture a current image. Easily logout the visitor when they leave.

Sex Offender checks are performed instantaneously. Sex Offender data is updated on a daily basis. School Gate Guardian was the first company to show Visitor and Sex Offender information side by side, so you can easily review to make an informed decision.

If there is a positive match, staff can quickly send an Offender Alert to the appropriate people so the Offender can be dealt with properly.

School Gate Guardian was the first company to use Time-Expiring Visitor ID badge technology. The badge contains the visitor's photo, name and visit information. Approximately 10 to 12 hours after a visitor badge is issued a red VOID will appear on the visitor badge showing your staff the badge has expired. This prevents visitors from using the badge at another time or another place in your district.

Our software allows you to create customizable lists of visitors who are not allowed in your facilities such as parents with restraining orders, limited visitation rights, protection from abuse orders, or known threats in the community such as expelled students or drug dealers. A discreet pop-up warning occurs when one of these unwanted visitors attempts to enter your facility.

In the event of an emergency such as a sex offender or an angry parent with a restraining order attempting to enter one of your buildings, your front office staff can send an instant and discreet alert by simply clicking a button.

This launches a text and e-mail message to key district personnel you have define. This message contains the location of the problem and the reason code. In the event of a sex offender alert, the persons name, physical description and photo are sent in the email.

School Gate Guardian makes it quick and easy for your staff to track student attendance, tardies and early dismissals. The system automatically calculates the amount of minutes the student has been tardy. Our convenient reports show students who have been tardy and the cumulative amount of minutes they have accrued. Sync data back to your SIS.

The School Gate Guardian system electronically identifies individuals who have parental approval to pick-up children from your facilities. In the event of an emergency situation the primary care givers information is displayed so your staff can attempt to contact them to allow a temporary authorization.

Reduce paperwork and processing time with our online volunteer application process. Volunteers can upload clearance documentation and have appropriate background checks performed while greatly reducing staff time to handle and process paperwork. Quickly make approval or denial decisions. Notifications can be sent when volunteers apply, are approved and when clearances expire.

Track Volunteer hours when they check in at any School Gate Guardian operated assisted or self service workstation. View reports of your volunteers activity.

Have an event coming up with a large amount of visitors? Does the Principal have a meeting scheduled next week? With RSVP, you can pre-populate the Visitors for the upcoming event and print all the visitor passes before the event occurs. Save LOTS of time with the RSVP feature.