Ensuring Safety with a School Emergency Mass Alerts System

Intrado’s Emergency Mass Alerts System is a powerful tool designed to enhance safety and security in schools. By providing real-time notifications, it helps protect against potential threats and unwelcome visitors. Whether it's sex offenders or other individuals attempting to infiltrate your campus, a mass alerts system is your crucial first line of defense.

With just a click of the “send alert” button, Intrados’s emergency system swiftly dispatches alert messages to key district personnel via text and email, enabling immediate action to neutralize potential threats.



Mass Alert


Mass Notification


Redefining the Standards of Emergency Communications

Allows office staff the discretion to handle sensitive situations without causing unnecessary panic. The system delivers clear and concise messages directly to the necessary personnel, ensuring a coordinated response.

Each alert message sent by the system includes vital information such as the location of the threat, reason code, and in the case of sex offender alerts, physical descriptions and photos of the offender. This detailed communication greatly aids school staff and law enforcement in responding effectively and efficiently.

Transition into a new era of campus management where technology streamlines your every command. Stay informed about critical happenings within the veins of all buildings and sprawling across campuses.

  • On-Premises Alerts: Seamlessly sync with various communication devices such as sirens and digital signs for comprehensive alert dissemination.

  • One-Click Lockdown: Secure your campus instantly with door locking, on-the-spot security notifications, and widespread emergency messages.

  • Safety Alerts: Promptly issue alarms for evacuations and intruder warnings to maintain campus safety.

  • Keep Buildings Secure: Integrate smart tech to trigger alerts for unusual after-hours motion and significant incidents.

  • Dial Monitoring: Stay compliant with Kari’s Law with automatic monitoring and alerting of 911 calls within the network.

  • Hazard Alerts: Rapidly deploy emergency notifications for fire outbreaks or chemical spills to safeguard everyone.

  • Desktop & Mobile Alerts: Receive imperative updates directly on smartphones, computers, and Chromebooks, wherever you are.

  • Weather Notices: Implement automated systems to announce schedule adjustments or closures, adapting to real-time NOAA alerts.