Patented Classroom Door Barricade

Classroom Guardian's patented design allows it to Drop and Lock into place, while spanning door frame to door frame to help prevent unwanted entry into your classroom.

Our Patented Classroom Guardian School Door Security device is FAST to engage, Auto-Locks with our Drop and Lock design, ADA compliant, and is STRONG and SECURE! The Classroom Guardian Door Security device was designed to help keep Students and Teachers SAFE and to help keep Intruders or Active Shooters out of the classroom.




Note: School Roll Call is our web-based self-service Student Check-In solution.
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Classroom Attendance

School Gate Guardian's School Roll Call makes taking classroom and building attendance easy. Know exactly when a student enters and exits a classroom. Quickly run a report to see where a student is located and a history of their check-ins.

School Roll Call is great for flex or activity periods where students can go to whatever classroom they desire.

In case of an emergency, know exactly where your students are located. It can be used for Faculty and Staff check-in.