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Safely Re-Open your School with a Self-Service Check-In Kiosk

Self Service Visitor Kiosk

As schools re-open across the nation and people begin to enter schools again, the need for safety is more important than ever.

A self-service check-in kiosk, like School Gate Guardian's School Visitor Management Kiosk, keeps visitors out of the front office while providing a safe and secure check-in process. Other benefits include increased efficiency and less paperwork. 


The School Gate Guardian School Visitor Management Kiosk is easy-to-clean, sanitize and maintain, and allows visitors to quickly and securely check-in and check out with minimal requirements on school staff.

Visitors can check-in and print a visitor ID badge on their own. In the event no visitor id badge is printed, the office staff can quickly determine if the visitor is a threat or is allowed entry into the school. 


From any state issued photo ID, our software captures the visitor's photo, name, address, and date of birth. 

We then perform a series of background checks to help ensure the visitor is allowed access to the school. The visitor's photo, name, time of visit, person visiting, and visiting location are printed on the badge, along with a unique bar code. When the visitor checks out, the bar code is scanned from the badge.



Key Features Include:


Kiosk Elo Touchscreen

The Elo Touchscreen features a water-tight bezel, hardened glass with acoustic pulse recognition technology, and a 3 year warranty.







Kiosk ID Scanner

The Photo ID Scanner captures data from both sides of the ID to help provide the most accurate data possible. 






Kiosk Visitor Badge Printer

Print Visitor ID Badges with a high-speed Dymo printer. Upgrade to a dual-sided Dymo to print Visitor Passes on one side and Tardy passes, or other colored Visitor passes, on the other side. Thermal technology never needs ink. 


Kiosk Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner projects multiple beams that allow for a quicker and more accurate scan when checking out.





Kiosk HD Camera

The high-quality HD Camera can be used to take a high resolution photo of the visitor that is printed on the Visitor ID Badge.





Kiosk RFID Reader

The RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) reader quickly checks in visitors, faculty, staff and students who may have an RFID enabled school issued ID or other RFID tag. *Optional Feature




Kiosk Speaker

The Speaker is clear and provides audible feedback when buttons are clicked or other actions are taken.






School Gate Guardian's School Visitor Management Kiosk reduces staff time while providing quick and easy school check-in for visitors. To learn more about our kiosk, contact one of our security consultants at 800-805-3808 to arrange a demonstration. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your school and how we can help keep your staff, faculty and students safe and secure. 



School Security and School Visitor Management System

School Gate Guardian is a comprehensive school check in system for visitors, staff and students.

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The School Gate Guardian software is easily adaptable to your school visitor policies, so we are certain we can help protect your students. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our security consultants at +1 800 805-3808 to arrange a demonstration. If it is more convenient you can submit a request for additional information by clicking here. We look forward to the opportunity to secure your schools!