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Every Week is Safe Schools Week

Every Week Is Safe Schools Week at School Gate Guardian


Last week was America's Safe Schools Week - a time to focus on creating safe schools for students, families, and staff.  The goal is to motivate key education and law enforcement policymakers, as well as students, parents and community residents, to vigorously advocate for school safety, including keeping campuses free of crime and violence.


And, that's our goal every week at School Gate Guardian - to keep schools and students safe from unwanted visitors and other threats. Most schools have existing safety programs, but they might not be enough for today's needs. That's where our suite of security products comes in.  Read on to learn more about how our products can help keep your school safe and secure:



Self-Service School Visitor Management Kiosk

Safely and easily check in visitors with our Self-Service Kiosk. Easy-to-clean, sanitize, and maintain, the self-service check-in kiosk keeps visitors out of the front office while providing a safe and secure check-in process. In addition, we also have staff-operated and self-service check-in solutions available.


Self Service Visitor Check-In Kiosk


Learn more about our 3 different Visitor Management Solutions here -



Large Volume, Touchless Hand Sanitizer Station

Our newest product, this large volume, touchless hand sanitizer station is refillable and holds up to a 1-gallon container, which is much more than the majority of other hand sanitizer stations. The unit comes with a pre-installed automatic sensing faucet that dispenses sanitizer automatically so that it's touchless and helps reduce cross-contamination and the spread of germs.


Automatic Hand Sanitizer Large Capacity


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FastTemp Hands-Free Temperature Check Screening Device

FastTemp is an easy-to-set-up solution for mass temperature scanning that easily scans within 1 second to keep lines moving. The optional wheeled stand and 40+ hour battery pack allow the unit to be highly portable. It's completely hands-free, NDAA and FDA compliant, patent-pending, comes with a 2-year warranty, and is CARES Act eligible. 


FastTemp Hands-Free Temperature Check Device


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Classroom Guardian Door Barricade

We spent 3 years working with School Administrators, Security Directors, Teachers and Design Engineers to develop a door barricade product that is the fastest, strongest and safest door barricade product on the market. The Classroom Guardian Door Security device was designed to help keep students, faculty and staff SAFE and to help keep Intruders or active shooters out of the classroom.


Classroom Guardian Door Barricade


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Contact School Gate Guardian to learn more about to keep your school safe and secure all year long!





School Security and School Visitor Management System

School Gate Guardian is a comprehensive school check in system for visitors, staff and students.

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